English1010 – Self Assessment

Tanja Rigby
Nkenna Onwuzuruoha
English 1010
May 6, 2014

The topic I chose for my Exploration Essay was digital privacy. This topic was not as easy to write about. The research opened my eyes to many different things that I had never considered before. With each new finding I found my self-changing how I felt. I quickly realized that this topic was more multifaceted then I had ever original anticipated. Finding the correct way to present my findings became difficult to communicate. Towards the end I was able to find a voice that did not take sides but presented what I found. The goal was to inform the reader, and let them decide how best to use that information for their own personal needs. It becomes hard to deal about topics with such grey areas and had I research before choosing I would have gone a different direction with my writing topic. This is one thing I would have changed about how I approached the topic. I would have researched more first to see what type of information I could find. I just assumed it was a hot topic and found that information available was lacking in the type of content I needed to write my paper.

I learned thru this course that writing and exploring topics and siting information is helpful and can be beneficial to having those skills in the future if I am working for someone that requires those skills or just updating my own personal blog that touches on researched subject matters. This was a great paper and I enjoyed the time spent on writing, editing and sharing.


About Tanja Rigby

Wife, mother, and now student. Lord help me.
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